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Family Solution Center 

Where family comes first!

Providing Assistance to Parents, 

 Private Agencies, and Family Courts 

Supervised Pa​renting Time

Family Solution Center offers four types of parenting visitation:

  * Standard
       * Therapeutic
   * Immitted

* Virtual 

Family Solution Center offers supervised parenting time at the facility (commonly known as "in-office), in the community, as well as in the visiting parents home.


The Family Solution Center offers mediation / facilitation services by a certified registered mediator by the state of Indiana. Mediation or Facilitation can be conducted in person or via zoom, video conferencing.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Class

The Family Solution Center offers co-parenting education that is approved by the Court and instructed by a state approved therapist. The Course will serve as completion of your "children in the middle" course. In addition, the class provides parents insight into successful methods for parents raising children separately to effectively communicate and raise their children. Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is an 8 week in-person course. Class meets on Saturdays at noon and will last until 2 p.m. Certificate of Completion will not be given until all 8 sessions have been completed. This class is available 4 times a year. Contact Family Solution Center by phone, email, or "contact us" form to see when the next class starts.

Guardian Ad Litem 

Certified Guardian Ad Litem Services to represent the best interest of the child in regards to initial custody, modification custody, guardianship, parenting time, and other related matters as ordered by the Court. The Family Solution Center will guarantee that reports are completed within sixty (60) days from the date of appointment unless a request for an extension of time is filed and approved by the court.

Safe Child Transport and Exchanges

Trained and licensed staff can transport children in cases where a parent cannot do transport or the court orders a third party transport to ensure parents have visitation with his or her child/children.

Also, the Family Solution Center offers safe child exchanges in those cases involving high conflict. Trained staff will supervise exchanges between the parents either at a designated location of the parents’ choice or onsite at the Family Solution Center.

Services and Fees